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Economic Development, Urban Planning, Project Management

Workforce and City Economic Development

Georgetown Associates is a consulting company with specializations in Economic Development, Urban Planning, and Project Management. We provide services to the public and private sectors, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. This enables clients to deliver positive results in a timely and effective manner in today’s dynamic business environment while impacting society.

Georgetown provides custom-ready, interactive, and innovative economic development strategies that are aimed to assist clients. From the municipal standpoint, the objective is to build vibrant communities, and increase the tax base while fostering economic prosperity, sustainably, and in a socially responsible way. We include key stakeholders in the decision process and utilize innovative practices to solve challenging, competitive, and complex issues in this fast-changing environment.

In the Public -Private ecosystem we are experienced in using creative best practices to maximize return on investments by implementing effective strategies including but not limited to:  

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Tax Fixing assessments
  • CDBG or Section 108 Funding
  • TIFS
  • Enterprise Zones Programs
  • BEDI’s or Brownfield funding
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Market, Business and Organizational Feasibility Studies / Economic impact studies
  • Tax Credits

We endeavor to reduce regulatory barriers and, to accelerate the approval process to ensure the timely completion of projects, policies, and initiatives. We leverage technology in meaningful ways to help reduce costs throughout the process. In the area of real estate, we assist with site selection and the overall permitting process. Georgetown has a close working relationship with several professionals and subject matter experts in various fields from civil engineering to architects, from appraisers to contractors. They all ensure the timely delivery of small and large-scale development.

In the area of Small Business, Georgetown embraces a collaborative approach to include the operator and respective agencies in the company’s life cycle. That is from its concept/vision to the formation through its growth and stage and exit or full maturity. As a result, we assist with business incubation and  with technical assistance, financing, and efficiency management.

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